Saturday, August 10, 2013

Start Your own Onestop Recharge/Utility Bill Payment Service

One of the most trendy Business now-a-days is Online Mobile Recharge Business which is an ever growing Industry and with full of demand. You don't have to much technical skilled to start this Business. Though Profit percentage is too low here, but you will earn a lot here in respect of volume. If you create some 8-10 distributor under you and each of the distributors generate a regular volume of 2 lacs per day, then you can easily earn 2-5000 per day.
As well if you have the facility to pay Utility Bills like- Electricity Bill, Insurance Bill, Gas Bill, Credit Card Bill and if You have the facility of Booking Bus Tickets, Air Tickets etc, in that case you will enjoy huge demand of Your services and with these facilities you can earn anything between 5000-10000 per day.
If you don't have enough capital to start this business of your own and still willing to start it in your own Brand and own domain name you can opt for White Label Solution which will deliver you a Ready made & Tested Portal and you can start this business with your own Control and Your Brand name with a very low price.

One of the Leading One Stop Multi utility Service Provider- Pahela Recharge Services ( A Division of Indo Mass Infotech Pvt Ltd)

Here You will get the Opportunity to work as a Retailer, Distributor and Even you can get a OWN BRANDED WHITE LABEL PORTAL and can make unlimited user, distributor, and reseller under you.
For pricing & other details you can contact via mail to

Features of Pahela Recharge Services :- All Mobile, All DTH, Data Card, Land Line Bill Payment, Post-paid Mobile Bill Payment, Electricity Bill Payment, Gas Bill Payment, Insurance Bill Payment, Credit Card, Bus Ticket Booking, Air Ticket Booking & many other Services are coming soon.....

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Online Business can yeild some Good Passive Income for You

You may be happy to know that if You search a little You will get enough scopes to earn some Good Passive Income.
All You have to do is to be confident enough and should be willing to make a living through this easy to set up Business.

Web Hosting Reselling Business:-
This is the era for every business wants to go online with a minimum budget and scopes in this field are enormous because the market is international. The most attractive part of this business is it runs on Autopilot and so once You have put in the initial effort You will start to earn a brilliant passive income. You have to search for the Web hosting Companies which offer Reseller-ship Model. You may have to pay a little cost to set up Your online store in Your Brand Name and all the rest will be done by them.
So, if You are thinking of Starting a Good Business with a little or zero infrastructure You can choose this option.

Your own Blog Network:-
This is another brilliant opportunity to earn a Brilliant and even unlimited income. Creating Your Blog you will have to update it frequently and to get traffic you have to follow some certain procedures and once You get enough traffic and enough followers Your chances to earn from Your blog will be high.
Visits & Membership on Your Blog will depend on the contents and the tools you create there as well as you should have a proper ideas on how to monetize Your own Blog.

Membership Sites:-
If you gain some expertness in Your field then You may surely think of starting up a Membership Site. It is a site that offers Specific Information to people all for a monthly recurring fee. A brilliantly shaped Membership Sites can make a brilliant earning opportunity for You.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stay on Facebook & earn handsome!!!

Sounds Great! It works Greatly also! Yes, most of You are now a day's facebook savvy. You always like to be on facebook and keep posting, sharing, chatting & other activities on facebook. But some other thought prevents you from staying there for hours. Yes, you always need to earn some money for your expenses, that's why you do not get the chance to be always there on facebook.
With this new miracle but down to earth strategy you can make a brilliant earning for years staying on facebook.
The more time you stay there...the more will be your earning!!!
The more post you write ...the more will be your earning!!!
The more post you share....the more will be your earning!!!
The more photo you upload....the more will be your earning!!!
And more and more and more...
And you can do all these just by sitting at your home, opening your computer, connecting it with the internet and opening your Facebook account.
And Your Time Starts Now.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OnlineData Entry Jobs from Home

 One of the Best ways to earn extra income from home is Online Data Entry Jobs. To get success in this field all You need a Computer, Internet, Typing Speed. Depending on Your working style You need to examine & investigate the different types of Opportunities in this field. Choosing the right category not only enhances Your skill, rather it suits your lifestyle also.
In this case, there is no time boundaries and you can set your own working hours. In the beginning you can start it as a part timer, later as your earning comes you may decide to take this job as a whole time basis.
The primary job of a Data Entry Operator is to add, edit & organize data in stipulated time for the companies & organizations for which you work. You need to prove your professionalism, creativity to be more & more successful in this field.
The Vital Part of this job is your Typing speed with accuracy. There should be no mistake at all in the form. The Payment depends upon time on delivery & accuracy of the data entered.
Self Discipline, Well Planned, Well Organized & Punctuality are very important virtues to be successful & in demand in this profession.
The entry in such companies is in some cases may be without any registration fees & in most cases it requires some registration fees. Though there are some companies who are really scam in this field...they ask for registration fees & don't provide the members any good job or payment. Despite this fact, many a companies are there who are working in this field with reputation for years.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

50 Ways to Make Money Online

We will like to show people who are new to internet marketing or who are interested in making money online. The options are limitless so You just need to find out what you think will be the most suitable way for you because everyone has different interests. I will recommend concentrating on  a couple of these ways to make money online- there are but so many hours in a day and the more rabbits you try to chase the less you may actually catch. Also, some tips that We mention are for building up short term money so that you can reinvest in your business, but its nothing to build an online business on. So, what we recommend is try experimenting with some of these techniques and once you start making small money that's GOLD!

You already done the first step You just need to keep testing and tweaking your experiments until you can maximize the most profit out of it and always go with building businesses as opposed to keep getting quick money...a business is much  more profitable and reliable.
  1. Write an info product for a well established niche, this is one of the easiest ways that I use to constantly make money online. If Your info product has anything new or innovative then it should sell well. However, just don't write the ebook! Build a business. Gather visitors emails that comes to your site and offer them complimentary products through affiliate programs. Go ahead and offer up-sells, and back-ends, and memberships for recurring income. If you are just offering an eBook your leaving potential of thousands and thousands of dollars right on the dinner table, don't think of it a "YES! I made a sell, "think of it as a real business and increasing the amount of profits you make per sale.
  2. Start Your own online Country, that's right. What I mean by this is basically Your own unique online community that is catered towards a group of people that allows them to share content and information with each other. Look at Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Million and Billion dollar ideas in just a couple of Years.
  3. Sell Yourself! Don't get it the wrong way. There are some sites online known as freelance services in which web masters or companies will pay you money if you do certain tasks for them. If you can build websites, program, or do any other technical skills then join these sites.
For the rest of Money Making Genuine Ideas with Our expert help & assistance just Contact Us

Sunday, February 3, 2013

You can try this Opportunity, it really works!

If You are looking for a new home based job or part time job opportunity Online Ad Posting Job will be a Great Option for You. Now a day's there are many a Companies those are providing this type of Home Based Job, but in fact most of them are not doing well, especially when You ask payments from them. Because, they have either no strong management to spread the work & collect orders from Client Companies- the base for this type of Job, or they have no other Projects or Good Will to pay You.
Still, few Companies are doing very well & people associate with them are really getting payment  & are satisfied.
Earning Potential will depend on the Membership Plan & how much time You give per day or how much Ad You post correctly

Thursday, January 31, 2013

One of the Most Influential Business Model of the Day!!!

It is the right time for all of You with some Communication skill to start a Part time Business by Referring Business for Business Websites or Online Directory.
All You have to do is to sign up for this Referral Program  & start Earning by referring each & every unique Business in Your Locality or anywhere else.
You can do this Part time job just by sitting at home, You need to have typing knowledge with internet facility.
You can get any amount between Rs.20 to Rs.50 for each new Business Listing, besides You will get attractive Commissions for Each & Every Conversion and even on every Renewals from Your Referred Business.
You need to give 1-2 hrs daily in order to earn Rs.8000-10000 per month without conversion.
You can contact us for any further details. We can provide You such Company Information those are providing such opportunities.